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chaucerianmyth This album is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The compositions are winding and engaging, the atmosphere is varied and immersive, and the overall arrangement is impeccable. A must-listen, whether you are interested in Arthurian legend or not. A top Dungeon Synth album of the year, for sure! Favorite track: Uther's Lust.
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Recorded on the cusp of the second False Spring, MMXVII.

Uther - it would be too easy to blame his downfall upon his lust, or his ambition. Too simple to say that he had no patience for magick, and asked too much of Merlin, his most mysterious subject. Some of these theories exist to appease the godly folk as they ponder legend, others soothing the ire of those calling themselves Merlin's kin, in ability and insight.

But what if King Uther Pendragon knew that he had a part to play in the rise of England?

What if he knew that he would have to die, so that history could unfold as it did after his death? Would he fight fate, running from kin and kingdom?

Or would he relish his role, enjoying his brief reign and the powers and paranoia that accompany it?


Eternal hails to those who have made the Legends their own, in the face of so many undignified tellings on page and screen.

Strength and wisdom to those who fight their own battles; who weave their own spells; who solve their own problems. Be not like Uther, clinging to lust, then power, then the semblance of a common life, all without realizing how he had damned his own reign! Or someday you too will create the king to replace you.

Uthar is part I of a cycle of albums addressing characters from the Legends.


released May 10, 2017

All music by Pen Draig.

Original Artwork by Howard Pyle, modified by Pen Draig.

Film samples from "Excalibur" 1984



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